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Russia's Advanced Research Foundation Says Robots Will Soon Replace Soldiers on the Field

Our battlefields may soon be swarming with robots rather than humans.May 02, 2020According to a recent statement made by an executive from Russia& 39;s Advanced Research Foundation, robots will soon be replacing humans in combat, reported Forbes.RELATED: TAKE CAUTION, WAR ROBOTS MIGHT NOT BE AS SOPHISTICATED AS THEY LOOKRobotic brothers“Living fighters will gradually begin to be replaced by their robotic ‘brothers’ who can act faster, more accurately and more selectively than people,” Vitaly Davydov, deputy director of Russia& 39;s Advanced Research Foundation, told RIA Novosti on April 21.
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UPS Partners with Wingcopter to Develop Multipurpose Delivery Drones

The fleet of drones will fit diverse roles for diverse clients.March 25, 2020UPS Flight Forward, a subsidiary of the logistics company, has partnered up with Wingcopter, a German drone-making startup to create a fleet of multipurpose delivery drones in the U.S. and globally.UPS selected Wingcopter as its partner given the company& 39;s impressive unmanned aircraft technology and great track record of delivering goods over long distances to remote places.
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Stinky Michigan Town Buys $3,400 Device to Sniff out Marijuana

Michigan town is out to get & 34;weed farmers& 34; with this bizarre device, after the whole city started stinking of cannabis.March 10, 2020When it comes to weed, everyone can agree that the stinkier your stash is the better. However, this small Michigan town begs to differ.The good old Michigan made homegrown pot for recreational use legal in 2018, and the situation has gotten so bizarre that a small town in Michigan’s western Upper Peninsula has decided to buy an odor-detection device to sniff out the (un)pleasant smell of blooming marijuana plants.
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Small luxury Wohnwagon trailer home looks after itself

July 13, 2015When you think about trailer homes you don’t usually think of them offering luxury accommodation. However a company in Austria has been making trailer homes that have luxury interiors and which are compact along with being self-sufficient. The Wohnwagen trailers typically offer around 25 square meters of space and come with their own waste and water systems along with their own electricity.
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Daytime Satellite Tracking Telescope Invented, as Orbit Gets Crowded

A crowded orbit is a dangerous orbit.September 01, 2020Due to the ever-increasing number of satellite us humans put up above the sky, keeping track of the whereabouts of operational satellites, non-operational satellites, and broken down debris has become a necessity. A telescope developed by research and development company Numerica does just that, even in broad daylight.
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